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Possum Fur Loop Collar

Possum Fur Loop Collar


Possum fur on one side with satin lining. 


Natural Possum colours, redish brown and silver gray. From time to time we do have dyed fur collars available. 


Both sides are drawn together by the collar looping through the end, giving you the perfect length and width design keeps your neck warm while also giving you a fashionable, luxurious look.


Note: With dyed colours, the actual colours will vary, due to the colour of your computer screen and the nature of the product that is dyed. Best to see the item in the store if this worries you. 


Measurements = 54″ L by 6″ inches W

  • Care instructions

    Never wash natural fur products. 

    Brush with a soft fur brush, (as you would do for your cat or dog)

    Wipe with a damp cloth any spills.

    If fur comes appart from thie product, place in the freezer overnight,

    this will help reset the fur to the skin. 

  • Hand Crafted

    We only use 100% Wild New Zealand possum fur.

    Each item made here in our workroom is handcrafted using original techniques passed down from farriers in the past. This is a traditional skills to create garments out of animal fur and with the right care this product will last for many years.

Sizing Chart