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Possum Merino Lightweight Socks

Possum Merino Lightweight Socks


Made in New Zealand,

Lightweight socks for everyday use.


These socks have a loose knit pattern with its simple design to keep your feet nice an warm.


50% Merino Wool

40% Possum Fibre

10% Nylon


Available in three colours as sizes.

Great as an everyday sock.


Large is about 10 inches - estimate a size 9 - 12 shoe

Medium is about 8 inches - estimate a size 6 - 8 shoe

Small is about 6 inches - estimate a size 3 - 6 shoe


There is plenty of stretch in these socks, so will fit most feet well.

  • Care instructions

    Wash gently in cool water (never hot!) using a wool detergent. Spin in the washing machine and dry flat.

    Do not tumble dry 

  • Made In New Zealand

    These socks were made in New Zealand from wild NZ Possum fur and NZ Merino Wool.

    By adding the Possum fibre into the Merino Wool the garment has 30% more warmth. As Possum Merino is a natural product it is very durable and does not hold odour’s such as centric materials. Being a natural product these garments will also biodegrade back into the environment making Possum Merino a bio friendly product good for our planet.

Sizing Chart