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Luxury Rabbit Throws

Luxury Rabbit Throws

$385.00 Regular Price
$229.00Sale Price

These rabbit throws will dress up any room of the house.
With their luxurious feel and bright colours visitors will be wowed as they are greeted with such class and style. 

Size is approx 200 x 150 CM
Fits on a double bed with a little hang and sits nicely on a queen bed. 
Or place it on your couch or a chair in the living room to give you that warm cozy feeling. 

Colours available 
light blue, dark blue, light brown, dark brown, black, gray, and burgundy.
Matching cushion covers are available for some throws, enquire within. 

  • Care instructions

    Never wash natural fur products. 

    Brush with a soft fur brush, (as you would do for your cat or dog)

    Wipe with a damp cloth any spills.

    If fur comes appart from thie product, place in the freezer overnight,

    this will help reset the fur to the skin. 

Sizing Chart