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Possum Fur ‘Southerner’ Hat

Possum Fur ‘Southerner’ Hat


These hats ate made with a shower-proof outer and lined with possum fur, sporting a nice trim along the rim to make this Southerner look.


Size: Medium: 56 CM / Large: 58 CM

  • Care instructions

    Never wash natural fur products. 

    Brush with a soft fur brush, (as you would do for your cat or dog)

    Wipe with a damp cloth any spills.

    If fur comes appart from thie product, place in the freezer overnight, this will help reset the fur to the skin. 

  • Hand Crafted

    We only use 100% Wild New Zealand possum fur.

    Each item made here in our workroom is handcrafted using original techniques passed down from farriers in the past. This is a traditional skills to create garments out of animal fur and with the right care this product will last for many years.

Sizing Chart