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Unisex Zip Jacket

Unisex Zip Jacket


Kiwi Down  - Possum Blend


These zip jackets are made in New Zealand using 100% New Zealand materials. 


30% Possum Fiber

60% Merino Wool

10% Silk

  • Care instructions

    Gentle wash in warm or cold water, use ether a wool wash or a mild soap. 

    Spin then dry flat. Do not tumble dry. 

    Do not need to wash often. 

  • Kiwi Down

    The Kiwi is New Zealand's national symbol, well known internationally but quite rare in nature. It’s a flightless bird which feeds at night on the damp forest floor. To keep warm, it’s body is covered with soft down and feathers. These feathers have the texture and shape of our native forest plants to give the Kiwi camouflage.


    We Can’t give you the Kiwi feathers, but they have given us the inspiration for our range of ‘Kiwi Down’ Garments replacing the shape, pattern and texture of our native flora the kiwi lives amongst.


    We can give you the feel and warmth of the Kiwi’s down layer by making garments from a combination of the finer and softer fibres grown in New Zealand.


    The end result:

    Kiwi Down

    Made in New Zealand

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